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Care and Propagation Tips for Your Houseplant

Care and Propagation Tips for Your Houseplant

Houseplants, they are a boon to our everyday life. They clean our room atmosphere, absorb suspended particle and also lessen noise level, making our life much smoother.

The only disadvantage of indoor garden is, it cost you money. I live in India and here most species of houseplants come with a high price tag. So, I started to experiment and acquire knowledge to extend my indoor garden in a cheaper way. Below, I want to share with you the knowledge, I gathered, regarding that.

Dracaena – They are one of my favourites, as they comes with many color and shape. They prefer indirect bright light and warm condition. Some of them Form a definite stem with a tuft of leaves on top. Prune them at the desired height. This will force, emergence of new shoot. Do not throw away the stem you have cut. Cut them in small pieces and plant in moist peat or sand. After some days new root will start growing, giving you more plants.

Aglaonema – Aglaonema is a hardy herbaceous plant, attaining a height of 20-30 centimeters. They are used as houseplants for their attractive foliage. Most of them produces branches freely and clumps are formed giving a showy appearance. If it overflow your pot cut nodes and put in moist sand or potting medium directly. The end result is more plants.

Turf Lily – it’s scientific name is ophiopogon. They are perennial herbs and have a compact grass-like appearance with narrow leaves. They are hardy houseplants and particularly the variegated forms are very attractive. With a little care they will outgrow your pot and that is the time to propagate them. Divide the clumps and put directly in potted medium.

There are tens of thousands of houseplant is available nowadays and it is impossible to list them in this article. So, my tips for you is try different methods to propagate. For woody or semi-woody types try stem or node cuttings. For herbaceous plants try clump division. Remember propagation is better done in summer and monsoon. Do not get frustrated if you failed first time. The probable chance is , may be you have choose a wrong plant or time. Next time may be you will successful. So, keep on trying.