The benefits of using reclaimed wood in the kitchen

The benefits of using reclaimed wood in the kitchen

If you want to add a sense of history to your kitchen, consider using reclaimed wood for your flooring. Nothing can match it for the richness of its patina and the sense of age it brings to the most modern kitchen.

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Reclaimed wood can look stunning when used with materials like steel and stone. The contrast of a sleek and contemporary kitchen against a rough-hewn, rustic floor can add real impact to your design.

It tells a story

Where did your reclaimed timbers come from – an old barn or a now-demolished country house? By using reclaimed wood, you are allowing these timbers to continue to tell their story for the modern age and reducing your carbon footprint by recycling and repurposing scarce resources.

It has character

When you use reclaimed solid wood flooring for your kitchen, you will create unique effects thanks to its character and age. No two pieces are ever the same, adding to its charm. Its pronounced grain and knots will look beautiful contrasted with contemporary units, and recycled wood is often available in the wider plank sizes that are so on trend right now. However, some of the treatments used on recycled timbers are now recognised as toxic, and substances such as lead paint may be present in the wood. If you prefer to err on the side of caution or have young children in your home, you might prefer to source beautiful modern solid wood floors from sites like

It has strength, stability and durability

Reclaimed wood has already been weathered and exposed to wear, leaving it far stronger, more stable and durable than modern woods. It is much less prone to warping and splitting, having already expanded and contracted numerous times. It is the ideal timber to provide a hardwearing floor for a new kitchen, and the scars and imperfections of age can make it look more beautiful.

It is unique

Not only is each piece of timber unlike any other, but some of the reclaimed woods available are no longer in use as building materials, making them an absolutely unique talking point for your kitchen. However you choose to use reclaimed wood in your new kitchen, you will create a real talking point and breathe new life into one of our most beautiful and natural materials.

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